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Anxiety & Special Needs


Why We're Often Afraid to Go to the Dentist

There is a good percentage of people who are afraid of going to the dentist. We’ve all been there. After all, dentists can tell when we’re lying through our teeth. They know that A) we consume a lot of sugar and B) we don’t actually floss all that much, and we already feel self-conscious about our intake of Halloween candy.

Let Us Know How You're Feeling

So if you’re afraid of going to the dentist, that’s okay. It’s a normal thing. Your anxiety is legitimate and it’s our job to make you comfortable when you step into our office. One way we’re able to do this is by talking through any immediate concerns you may have.

What to Do If You Have Dental Phobia

We realize that some cases of anxiety are more serious than others and that dental phobia can be difficult to overcome. However, we see several patients with dental phobia and are confident that we can help you get the care you need before it’s as a last resort. Of course, we’re happy to be your last resort, but, ideally, we’d like to see you before any problems arise.

Special Needs

Having a disability or a family member with a disability or special needs can create unique situations or challenges for dental care. We understand those situations and have extensive experience caring for our disabled and special needs patients.

We pay extra attention to:

  • physical comfort
  • emotional care
  • medication interactions
  • medical first aid

Often times we are able to provide multiple services in one appointment to help minimize the inconvenience and duress multiple visits may cause.

Dr. Miller Can Relate to Your Unique Situation

Dr. Miller has personal experience with special needs individuals. His older sister was born with developmental delays from congenital rubella. She is also partially deaf and legally blind. She has taught Dr. Miller a respect and love for people with limitations.


Special Needs Patient2


In 2008, Dr. Miller's daughter had her first seizure. She has an undiagnosed seizure disorder that has impaired her speech and development.


Special Needs Patient


Dr. Miller understands the difficulties parents face in having a child with special needs. He knows the challenges that occur when visiting the dentist for treatment. He enjoys improving the oral health care of patients with special needs and has patients that travel to Washington from out of state for his services.