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Our Patient Is Competing in the Special Olympics World Games

Posted on January 20, 2017

Mandi Durfee, one of our favorite longtime patients, has competed in the Special Olympics State Games since she was seven years old. Now, almost 26 years later, she will join 3,000 athletes from 110 different countries in Austria to compete in The Giant Slalom and Super G downhill skiing events for the World Games. This will be Mandi’s first trip overseas.  

Leading up to the winter months, Mandi had been working to improve her endurance, strength, and technique through dry land training, which helps simulate the experience of downhill skiing when there’s not enough snow on the mountain. Then, in December, with winter in full swing, Mandi traveled to Killington, Vermont with fellow Special Olympics competitors to train with the US Olympic Ski Team for a week.

We are very proud of Mandi and are inspired by her courage to succeed. When Mandi was born with Down Syndrome in 1983, no one knew that she would come to inspire all of us with her kindness, patience, and enthusiasm. Mandi has a lot of people rooting for her in her hometown, Elgin, OR, as well as in Deer Park and Riverside where her sisters live and work.

Greg Miller, DDS and Staff would like to congratulate Mandi on all her accomplishments. We hope you’ll join us in our support of Mandi by following her Special Olympics journey on our office website and on Dr. Miller’s Facebook page.